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Tips for getting reimbursed

We’re proud to offer Section4 for Companies to innovative companies like Google, L’Oreal, and Disney. If Section4 isn’t offered by your company yet, here are some persuasive ways to request reimbursement by your employer.

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Section4 sprints are applicable to your job

Our sprints are designed to be real-time and relevant. We focus on strategies and case studies that are working right now to power the world’s most successful companies. In a few weeks, you’ll have tangible insights to share with your team and help your company grow.

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Section4 gives you real ideas to put to work

Every sprint ends in a final project that can be applied to your current role. You’ll be performing analysis and making strategic recommendations that you can take directly to your team for implementation.

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Section4 gives you access to an expert network

You’ll learn with and from professionals from over 60 countries, working at companies like Google, Salesforce, Deloitte, Amazon, Walmart, Disney, Apple ... the list goes on. As you build your network, your team benefits from their expertise.

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Section4 builds your credentials

All sprinters who complete their Section4 sprint are eligible for a certificate and credential that details the strategies you’ve learned. The credential is yours to share via email and social networks, thus building the credibility of your team and organization.

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Ready to ask for reimbursement?

Section4 membership may be partially or fully reimbursed by your company. To find out if you're covered, customize our email template to send to your manager, learning team, or HR team.

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